Luca Monterosso Wittmann
Art Direction and Moving Stuff
icke-fragan motion graphics video thumbnail.jpg

Icke Fragan

Motion Graphics

Promo for "icke-frågor" campaign

Art & Creative Direction / Photography / Motion Graphics / Post

This video was created in collaboration with Snask, a bad-ass Design & Branding studio based in Stockholm.
Sweden is a country where people and social rights are taken very seriously and this video is part of a whole awareness campaign started in April 2013 through the official website and other social media platforms.

The aim is to point out the age discrimination on the work place where some people earn less money just for being younger.
"Icke-Frågan" stands for "the non-issue", a rhetorical approach to such a delicate topic where no one seems to notice the elephant in the room.