Art Director and Project Management

Rebelde Black Machine IV

Making Of, Music Video

Music video for the single IV by Rebelde Black Machine

Music Video for "IV" by Rebelde Black Machine

Art & Creative Direction / Photography / Post

Making Of "IV"

-Music and lyrics by Rebelde Black Machine
Andrea Marigo [vocals/guitars], Guido Scapoli [bass/keyboards], Davide Orietti [drums, percussions] 
-Recording & Mixing by Mauro Santinello from True Colours Studio 2014 

-Creative & Art Direction: Luca Monterosso Wittmann
-Camera operator & photography assistant: Giacomo Ravenna
-Editing, grading & VFX: Luca Monterosso Wittmann

-Featuring: Francesco Spadati [showman], Luca Trombini [hotdogs eater]